Help Preserve the Earth with Preserve Products

Eco living, Oct 31, 2011

Are you ever looking for ways to decrease your plastic waste? Well now you can lessen your impact even more with Preserve recycled bathroom products such as razors, toothbrushes (not to mention their kitchen products and tableware!). Because Preserve uses recycled plastics instead of making it from scratch; they use a great deal less water, energy (coal and natural gas), oil, to make- while emitting less greenhouses as well.

Preserve Products

Preserve Set

Another great thing about this company is that they allow you to mail in or drop off your #5 plastics at various locations (which a lot of cities and recycling companies won’t touch) so they can use it in their manufacturing. Their products last a long time and they are very reasonably priced so check them out! Also, they allow you to “subscribe” to their products whereby you can pre-order your replacement toothbrush and razors to come as they expire.

Toothbrush: $2.99 in assorted colours

Triple Razor: $8.49 in assorted colours, and the handle is reusable

Plate 4-packs: under $10 in assorted colours

Kitchen Starter Set: $42.99 in assorted colours


Preserve “Gimme 5” Recycling program
Preserve Manufacturing Process
Preserve Products Homepage

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Help Preserve the Earth with Preserve Products
Are you ever looking for ways to decrease your plastic waste? Well now you can lessen your impact even more with Preserve...