Let’s Stop the Enbridge Pipeline

Eco living, Jan 7, 2012

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Ever since Harper, the anti-science Prime Minister, aka Canada’s George W. Bush, has taken over Parliament he has made a conscious effort to divert money from research and development of green energy (geothermal, wind, solar, etc) and invest it in development and PR for the Alberta tar sands. If the plans for the Keystone Pipeline, routed to go through the Nebraskan tars sands weren’t bad enough, another company, called Enbridge, wants to build a pipeline from the tar sands and through British Columbia to the coast so the Tories can open up the Northwest Passage to feed oil to China and Japan.  Both the routes of the pipeline and the Northwest Passage are extremely sensitive and precious ecosystems, home to bears, cougars, deers, orcas and seals, not to mention running across rivers and streams that are vital to providing water to us humans. What is worse is that Enbridge is hardly a responsible, accident-free company, and their pipelines are known to burst and malfunction often.

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I implore you, yourKloset readers, write the Harper government and voice your opinion to oppose the development of dirty oil! Yes, it is vital to running our society as we know it, but we really should be taking steps to wean ourselves off the dependency of oil. Click on the links below to learn more, and to write your MP and let your voice be heard! Together we can beat this; we need to make our politicians answer to us, and not be apathetic to the causes that are important to us and our children’s future.

Info About the Pipeline

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NataOriginally from Ontario I moved out to Vancouver with my family when I was in high school. I currently am an undergrad at UBC majoring in Classical Studies and will be attending Graduate School next year studying Ancient Archaeology. I also volunteer for the David Suzuki Foundation when my schedule allows it. While I do not consider myself an outdoorsy person I have a profound respect for nature and her marvels. It is only natural that I have adopted a lifestyle to try and accommodate it as much as possible. I believe that at the grass roots level, if everyone makes small changes they can really add up to a huge movement for a more eco-friendly lifestyle.
Let’s Stop the Enbridge Pipeline
Ever since Harper, the anti-science Prime Minister, aka Canada’s George W. Bush, has taken over Parliament he has made...
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