The Comics Pimp – The Eighties Revisited

Geek Fantasies, Dec 27, 2011

New Teen Titan

It was the 1980s, and two of the greatest comics in history were garnering new fans with each issue. Over at Marvel Comics, the Uncanny X-Men, under Chris Claremont and a gang of superstar artists, created some of the stories that defined the X-Men as we know them today, inspiring several cartoons and a major movie franchise. At DC Comics, Marv Wolfman and George Pérez created a comic most regarded as the only book to equal the X-Men in excitement and pure comics fun.

While the heroes in X-Men dealt with issues of alienation and persecution, feelings that many teenagers experience, the Teen Titans actually featured kids as lead characters. It dealt with similar issues, including marginalization; it also addressed how young people can step out of their mentors’ shadows. In spectacular fashion, it showed how these young superheroes, warts and all, grappled with self-doubt, insecurity, and trying to change the world.

DC The New Titans

New Teen Titans Comic

New Teen Titans Comic

Almost 25 years in the making, a project that began in 1987, and announced and postponed several times since, The New Teen Titans: Games graphic novel revisits the characters and themes from the 1980s, created by the same team that brought you the original series. Though George Pérez was a recognizable name when he first drew Teen Titans in 1980, it was his tenure on this series that made him an artistic legend. With his detailed, realistic figures, his art inspired some of the hottest artists working today. Even though many of the pages in the Games graphic novel were drawn decades ago, the shift between the new pages and the old is seamless, and Pérez is just as masterful and detailed as he was then.

Marv Wolfman’s script keeps pace with the art. He has created a fun, engaging story; I felt transported back to the 1980s. After reading the New Teen Titans Games graphic novel, I wanted more. Just in time to satisfy that craving, DC Comics has released the New Teen Titans Omnibus, the first in a series of Hard Cover editions that reprints all of the Marv Wolfman and George Pérez era Titans comics. Now it’s time to kick back on the sofa, put on one of my favourite eighties records, and rediscover the “New” Teen Titans.

Dan BudgeMore than 15 years ago, I began freelance writing right out of university, working for a small publishing company in Montreal. I also edited full time and occasionally drew for the same company for several years, until the publisher folded. After leaving Montreal for Toronto, I wrote freelance sporadically while working for the city’s museums. My one constant since my childhood has been comics. My love for the medium continues to this day, as I attempt my first artistic project. In the meantime, I have decided to share my passion for comics with anyone willing to pay attention.
The Comics Pimp – The Eighties Revisited
It was the 1980s, and two of the greatest comics in history were garnering new fans with each issue. Over at Marvel Comics,...
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