About Us

Who we are and what we are about can best be summed up in three words: fashion, style and lifestyle. And while bringing to university students and young professionals (18 – 40 years old, male and female) the latest styles and trends from our global kloset, we don’t sell out! This means we never suggest anything we would never wear, buy or gift. Our eclectic team of bloggers, stylists, and industry insiders deliver innovative and interactive messages, allowing our dedicated Kloset fashionistas to leave with valuable knowledge after every visit. In addition to fashion (focusing on Canadian design and manufactured products), travel, art, tech, beauty and even sex, we will now be featuring video blogs on food and cooking, cocktails and style tips.

Established in May 2009, yourKloset.com is already an accredited media outlet. Its unique voice and refreshing approach to sharing information makes yourKloset.com a welcomed addition to the new media world. A combination of industry professionals and style savvy students posting daily (in an effort to quench the style-driven thirst of its readers), allows yourKloset.com to remain the point of reference for elements of style, not force fed trends. Our now 18,000 unique monthly visitors seem to think so!

With multiple daily photo and video posts, tech suggestions, shopping and styling tips, top 5 lists, eco reports, kontests and giveaways from our eyes and ears across North America, and abroad, yourKloset.com keeps its audience on the cutting edge of all that is interesting. Featuring the most up-to-the minute and sometimes harshly candid news on the “ins” (keep it), the “outs” (chuck it), and the “must-haves” (kill for it), yourKloset.com keeps its visitors in the loop while considering their budgets and offering them choice.

An underground voice with uptown taste, yourKloset.com is your go-to lifestyle source!