Tailor-made Elizabeth Taylor

Shoewear & Accessories, Jan 2, 2012

Elizabeth Taylor Portrait

What is it that attracts us to movie legends?  Is it their God-given talent, their show stopping good looks, or our ability to sympathize with their highly-publicized personal lives? In the case of Elizabeth Taylor, it was all of these things, plus a killer sense of style.  Whether it was haute-couture frocks, brand name bags, or glistening gems, Taylor had an exceptional eye.  Now that this member of cinematic royalty has passed away, her private collection of dresses, day-wear duds, and diamonds, is breaking auction house records at Christie’s New York.  To the amazement of Taylor fans worldwide, bids have reached double, triple, even 5 times the pre-auction estimates.

Some of the largest sellers of the star’s jewelry collection include the Taj Mahal Diamond pendant, originally owned by Indian emperor Shah Jahan in the 17th century and given to his wife (the inspiration for the Taj Mahal), Mumtaz-i-Mahal.   Richard Burton gave the necklace to Elizabeth on her 40th birthday, and it was predicted to auction for between $300,000 and $500,000.  The actual selling price?  A staggering $8.8 million.  Another prized piece, “La Peregrina” necklace, containing a 16th century pearl, fetched a whopping $11.8 million after being estimated to auction for between $2 and $3 million.

The most notable sale from Elizabeth Taylor’s wardrobe was an evening gown and matching clutch designed by Christian Dior.  While the ensemble was expected to sell for $6,000, the gown and bag were finally sold for a jaw-dropping $362,500.  The auction’s record-braking sales are good news for The Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation, which will be given a portion of the auction’s proceeds.

Chantal GChantal Grimes is an student at McGill University and finishing her bachelor’s degree this summer. Originally from the US, she plans on becoming a Canadian citizen. She loves Montreal (despite its frigid winters) and is interested in fashion, dancing, alternative and hip hop music, good food, and socializing. She enjoys Asian culture and has a particular affinity for Bollywood movies and Japanese television dramas.
Tailor-made Elizabeth Taylor
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